Room 11

Room 11

Thursday, 27 November 2014

 Girls Cricket Festival

Yesterday, a lot of girls from year 5 + went to the Girls Cricket festival at the Queenstown event center.
 Our year had three different cricket teams mixed with a couple of the year 5 girls.
The teams were the Butterflies,The crickets and the caterpillars.
Our team the Crickets, Won two games and lost two games.
The schools we played were Goldfields, Remarkables and Queenstown primary.
It was a really fun and great day!
We were all covered in face paint and cheering for our team mates, we were all really supportive for our friends and team.
I cant wait for the girls cricket festival next year!!!

By Kate 

Mentos and lemonade chemical reactions.

Marigold was doing a changing state experiment for homework .Watching a chemical reaction 
And gas bubbles forming. usually it explodes but this time it did not work most of the carbon dioxide 
Evaporated out  before we had a chance to put the mentos in.
It was great fun we tried it out and learning not all experiments work out the way you expected.

By Marigold and Tsuki

New classrooms

At the start of term two builders started getting to work on a new two storey classroom block! There is going to be 5 classrooms and a library.
Look at how good it's going.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


For the past couple of weeks, we have been working on short stories to publish into booklets. We will be giving these booklets to someone we know as a gift. 
Our first step was to choose a theme. We could write about whatever we wanted. A wide range of topics were chosen, from spaceships to shark attacks!
Next, we typed it up. Everyone used great descriptive language and thrilling, page turning techniques.
To read, our pages needed to be put in chronological order. But our books didn't print that way! Our pages needed to have two pages on one page, so we had to put them in a strange order:
This proved quite confusing for some class members.
After that we printed, stapled and illustrated them. Done!
 By Ollie.


Rm 11 has been testing our new SRA system for reading your givin a reading card with questions and a story on it if you get 5 cards with over 90% of the answers correct you move up a group to get your percentage you use a calculater and say what you got like 39/41 you type 39 divided by 41 equals times 100 then your answer is 95%.
By Harrison P and Cole M

3d Paper Mâché letters



Rm 11 is making paper mâché letters for friends or family for Christmas 
We made the 3 dimensional shape out of a cereal box.We flattened the boxes out the 
Traced a letter in the cardboard then we cut them out the letter then use the leftover box
To make it 3 dimensional we used masking tape to hold the letters together then we started the 
Process of paper mâché.

By Ned & Jak.


at school we are doing a thing called ako where we can choose what to do in the day. we are given a list and we have to do all the must dos befor we do choose dos